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 About Accordionist Christie Adams



             An award-winning sales and marketing professional in Honolulu, Hawaii, fifth-generation Honolulu resident Christie Adams is also a professional accordionist who plays about 700 songs and compositions from the United States and around the world on the piano accordion.  Her comprehensive repertoire includes Austrian, French, German, Hawaiian, Irish, Italian, Mexican, South American, Spanish and Russian music as well as popular American music, including boogie woogies, other novelty numbers and Christmas carols and songs.​

            Adams performs on high quality, full-sized concert-styled accordions that generally are four-five-reed, heavy-weight instruments weighing 20 to 24 pounds.  Not to be confused with small light-weight folk accordions or ladies’ model accordions with only two or three registers, these full-sized accordions generally have several bass registers (on the side of the accordion played by the left hand) and up to 11 different treble registers (on the side of the accordion played by the right hand), including registers that enable the player to replicate the sounds of such musical instruments as the bassoon, accordion, bandoneon, harmonium, organ, master, musette, violin, oboe, clarinet and piccolo.  By pressing these registers, the player can change the quality of sound that the accordion produces.  Such versatile and rich-sounding instruments are complex musical instruments that retail from $5,000 to $10,000.

            Adams has performed at special events at a variety of venues on Oahu.

In recent years the Department of Education of the State of Hawaii selected Adams to participate in its Artists in the Schools Program.  As such, in response to requests from local public schools, Adams performed in the classrooms, playing musical selections, conducting educational programs about the accordion and presenting one-on-one, hands-on demonstrations about the accordion for students in kindergarten through grade 12.

Adams has taught private accordion lessons for beginners through intermediate-level students privately and at the former ABC Music (previously Yamaha Music and Learning Center) in Kakaako.

She has been interviewed on “The Perry and Price Show” on K-59 Radio and on Ron Jacobs’ show on KCCN Radio, and has appeared on “Island Focus” on KWHE TV (LeSEA Broadcasting, KITV (Channel 4) News and ‘Olelo community access television.  A color photo of Adams playing one of her accordions was published on the cover of The Honolulu Weekly in mid-June of 1997 and she was featured in articles published by The Honolulu Advertiser and the East Oahu News.

To book an accordion engagement with Christie Adams, phone (808) 395-8105.

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